Library Company of Burlington NJ

Chartered by His Majesty King George II in 1758

 Revised Library Hours:
Monday through Thursday 1 pm to 7 pm

Summer Hours: Closed on Friday & Saturday in July & August


REGISTRATION REQUIRED: When registering. Please put the name of the event in the Subject Area. Please indicate the name(s) of attendee and please leave a phone number in case we need to cancel or change an event.
You may also call 609-386-1723 to register via phone.
The GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine is one of the largest databases of scholarships on the web and would make an excellent addition to your resources. Unlike other scholarship websites, the GoodCall Scholarship Engine is 100% free and open-access, meaning no personally identifiable information is required in order to use it. You can visit it here:


 Serving our Community 

In continuous service to the City of Burlington and Burlington Township since 1758, we are a free full-service library.
  As a member of the Burlington County Library System, we receive daily delivery of materials from the county library system.

Our professional staff is here to assist with your needs in person, by phone 609-386-1273

Please call us regarding personalized assistance with your research project or your job search or if your interested in  using our meeting rooms and display cases - available for use by your community organization.

We participate in the American Youth Literacy program which provides trained reading tutors for students in grades 1-5.

In connection with the NJ State Library, we now offer McGraw-Hill's GED Online Test Preparation Tool.  Visit the library for details.

Access our Centralized Catalog, displaying availability of over one million books, CD's, DVD's. and Audio Books here and county-wide.  Reserve items here or from your home PC, and be notified about the arrival of your requested items.

Use our workstations with high speed internet access and the MS-Office software suite.
 Library Value Calculator 

How much is your library saving YOU?  Take a few minutes to see how much you would pay 'out of pocket' for the Free Services you regularly use at your library


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